One Second (or so) 2013 – one second video clips from my life in 2013.

One Second (or so) 2014 – one second video clips from my life earlier this year.

I began this project after watching a TED talk by Cesar Kuriyama on capturing one second every day and editing it into a single video. This is by no means an original art project of my own. I look at this project as more of an exercise in capturing happenings in the everyday, while remaining present in the moment, and learning to embrace the simplicities in life. I love the idea of extreme editing, choosing a single second (or so) out of 24 hours.

Growing up with both parents working in a camera shop, we had the luxury of having an endless supply of film and photo processing. The photos found homes in boxes with labels such as Photos, Memories, and my personal favorite Photos/Junk. The sheer volume of photos is almost paralyzing, which is why these boxes continue their journey from house to house waiting to be sorted and placed into albums. These boxes could benefit from some extreme editing.